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    Terrain is delivering Reef Trust phased programmes in the Wet Tropics on behalf of the Australian Government.


Reef Trust is an Australian Government programme established to provide targeted investment ($140 million) to the Great Barrier Reef region. It is focused on improving water quality, restoring coastal ecosystem health and enhancing species protection, particularly dugong and turtles.

Reef Trust is one of the key mechanisms assisting in the delivery of the Reef 2050 Plan. The programme’s objective is to:

 “provide cost effective, strategic investment which goes above and beyond existing programmes to address key threats to the Great Barrier Reef and catchments for the long-term protection and conservation of the outstanding universal value of the Great Barrier Reef.”

Reef Trust is being developed and implemented in a phased approach, which enables investments to be targeted towards known key threats.

As each new project phase is released, applications for funding can be made and are assessed through a rigorous process of prioritisation informed by scientists, experts, on-ground delivery partners and other interest groups and individuals.

Reef Trust investments are based on the best available science and complement the extensive efforts being made across government, natural resource management organisations and industry to delivery cost effective and strategic on-ground change.

An investment strategy is developed for each phase and guides investments by outlining objectives, outcomes and governance arrangements.

Reef Trust Phases in the Wet Tropics

Phase I

The first Reef Trust Phase began in July 2014 with a small number of projects delivering priority investment for targeted on-ground actions that focus on improving water quality and protecting biodiversity. The Reef Trust Wet Tropics Reverse Tender are part of this initial phase.

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Phase III

The Australian Government is providing $56million over four years (2015-2019) for investments to improve management practices for sugar cane farmers, reduce erosion in grazing lands and improve water quality in grains, dairy and horticulture industries.

The Reef Alliance Program, a partnership between the agricultural industry, regional NRM bodies (including Terrain NRM) and facilitated by the Queensland Farmer’s Federation (QFF), will be responsible for delivering $46million of this investment. 

Terrain NRM is involved in delivering the Wet Tropics cane targets as part of the Wet Tropics Sugar Industry Partnership (WTSIP).

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Phase IV

Phase IV is a repeated tender programme with support for the broader trialling and uptake of Enhanced Efficiency Fertilisers.

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Fact Sheets

A range of fact sheets are available below to provide more detail about the Programme and related tender process: