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    Terrain is funded by the Australian and Queensland Governments to implement projects aimed at reducing nutrients, pesticides and sediment into the Great Barrier Reef. These include land management practices such as helping farmers to reduce nitrogen runoff.


The Reef Trust Tender - Wet Tropics is an Australian Government initiative to help improve Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) and farm sustainability on sugar cane farms in the Wet Tropics natural resource management region.

The programme is a component of the Australian Government’s Reef Trust and is delivered in partnership with Terrain NRM. It aims to address nitrogen discharge from the Wet Tropics, one of the biggest known risks to the Great Barrier Reef.

A major source of nitrogen discharge to Reef waters has been linked to fertiliser use in the Wet Tropics’ sugar cane industry. 

Funding of $1.4million has been provided to contracted Wet Tropics cane farmers over four years for enhanced fertiliser management practices on 22 farms. The projects will result in a significant reduction of nitrogen fertiliser applied to participating farms and will help contribute to ambitious targets for cutting nitrogen runoff to the Reef.

Fact Sheets

A range of fact sheets are available below to provide more detail about the Programme and related tender process:

Contacts and links

To find out more, contact Terrain NRM at reeftrust@terrain.org.au.

For more information about Reef Trust Tender, go to the Department of the Environment’s website www.environment.gov.au/reef-trust-tender.

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