• Reef Programs - Agriculture
  • Reef Programs - Agriculture

    Terrain NRM is involved in the delivery of several water quality projects in the Wet Tropics that are all working towards reducing the runoff of nutrients and pesticides from farms into waterways and the Great Barrier Reef.


Many farmers throughout the Wet Tropics are trialling and adopting sustainable farming practices to improve productivity and profitability whilst also reducing runoff to the Great Barrier Reef.  

There are a number of programs being delivered in the Wet Tropics region to improve water quality that represent an opportunity for farmers to gain support in terms of grants or extension to improve their farming practices. These include: 

1. Reef Trust

Reef Trust is an Australian Government programme that is being delivered in a phased approach. There are currently three active phases being delivered in the Wet Tropics providing funding and extension support. 

2. MIP (Major Integrated Project)

The Wet Tropics Major Integrated Project is a water quality project that is being funded by the Queensland Government. It is focused on the Tully and Johnstone catchments only and is currently being designed by the community with a range of ideas being considered for farms and beyond. It is expected that the project will be ready to roll out mid-2017. 

3. Project Catalyst

This program is supporting more than 70 cane farmers across North Queensland to test and progress innovative farm practices that improve water quality flowing off cane farmers. The Project Catalyst network is supported by independent agronomists. 

4. Regional Landcare Facilitator

Fiona George is the Regional Landcare Facilitator (RLF) for the Wet Tropics. Funded by the Australian Government, this role acts as a key service to link farmers and community groups across the region. Fiona facilitates educational programs and events to help local farmers:

  • understand and get involved in natural resource management issues
  • develop skills to maintain viable farming systems and communities in the face of future challenges
  • implement changes on their land that improve the environment and ecosystem services both on and off farm

For more information contact Fiona on 0488 702203