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    Terrain NRM is a community-based not for profit organisation that supports natural resource management (NRM) in the Wet Tropics.

    We build partnerships to secure the health of our natural resources (including water, soil and biodiversity) and provide planning direction, information, advice and practical support to those interested in NRM in our region.

Workways clients assist Andrew Maddox's team install the heavy duty liner to the wetlands

Workways Clients assist Andrew Maddox's team install the heavy duty liner to the wetlands


Thanks to assistance from Consulting Engineer Andrew Maddox and his team assisted by the Workways clients, the heavy duty plastic liner has been installed at the Backyard Blitz Site


Hopefully, the imminent arrival of the 'traditional wet season' in north Queensland, will see the plastic liner fill with water. Johnstone Region Landcare will follow on and landscape the edges of the wetlands with rocks and plants and a cement pathway will be established to allow for students to safely take water samples from the wetlands.

The extension to the wetlands has been made possible through a Community NRM grant via Terrain NRM and National Landcare Australia.

Landcare will be holding an Open Day at the site in the coming months and the public, teachers and people in NRM educational related activites will be invited to attend to view the site and the facilities available to be shared and enjoyed.